Rtn. Dr. E. G. Gnanagunalan (1031585)

Chairman – Public Image

Medical Practice – General. Retired Medical Administrator.

Rtn. T. Thavasilingam (1089365)

Club Advisor

Civil Engineering Consultant – Highway. Charter Secretary

Rtn. S. Jayashanker (1089367)

Chairman – Membership

Past Service. Experience in Human Resource and Financial Management

Rtn. A A Jayaratnam (1396125)

College of Past President

Past Service. Experience Architect.

Rtn. P Thirumugam (1453975)

Club Trainer

Past Service. Education Management

Rtn. R. Thirukumaranathan (1812553)

College of Past President

Civil Lawyer

Rtn. Rev. Fr. G. Dissanayake (2415023)

College of Past President

Rtn. R. Rajarammohan (3451651)

College of Past President

Entrepreneur. Experience in diverse fields.

Rtn. J. W. M. Borham (3451652)


Specialist in English Language Teaching

Rtn. N. T. Raguraam (5153811)

Chairman – Rotary Foundation

Banking Administration Service

Rtn. P. Ravichandran (5153813)

Director – Rotaract Club

Consultant & Activist – Child Rights

Rtn. B.R.Jeyakumar (5153814)

Director – Youth Service

Civil Engineering Consultant – Water Supply

Rtn. R.Sivasuthan (6067704)

College of Past President

Project Development and Management

Rtn.T. Rizipan (6113384)

Director – Membership

Finance and Insurance Management

Rtn. ChaLotte B Thomas (6284759)

Director – International Service

Past Service. Human Resource Management

Rtn. Benoj Paul (6655284)

Director – Rotary Corps

Human Resource and Fuel Supply Chain Management

Rtn. G.Shakthibhavan (6713384)

Director – Interact Club

Past Service. Banking Management

Rtn. A Kirupakaran (6793199)

Director – Scholarships

Telecommunication Management

Rtn. Carmen Anthony (6901824)

Assistant Secretary

Human Resource & Hospitality Management

Rtn. Neil W Borham (6901825)

College of Past President

Production Management

Rtn. B Christy Ibo (7000969)

Director – Fellowship

Security Service Management

Director - Fellowship

College of Past President

Past Service. English Teaching and School Management

Rtn. S.Shivashangar (8131443)

Chairman – Service Projects

Bio-Mass Power Management

Rtn. A Uthayarajan (8131447)

Treasurer & Immediate Past President

Accountancy Service

Rtn.S. Suresh (8687142)


Automobile Engineering

Rtn. T.Ahelan (8811810)

President Elect

Tourism and Ticketing

Rtn. N Kidnathas (8811814)

President Nominee

Teaching and Education Management

Rtn. S. Jegatheswaran (9389031)

Vice President

Banking Management

Rtn. Dr. S. Soundrarajah (10103059)

Chairman – Administration

Medical Administration

Rtn. K.Arulvaratharajah (10202362)


Civil Engineering

Rtn. K Niroshan (10444305)

Director – Citation

Civil Engineering

Rtn. S .Manojithan (10444322)

Director – Vocational Service

Electrical Engineering

Rtn. P .Uthayasangar (10444330)

Sergeant at Arms

Financial Management

Rtn. R. Uthayanan (10615922)

Director – Club Service


Rtn. K. Prabakaran (10784589)


Banking Management

Rtn. Kumudini Yogaratnam (10813460)


Banking Management

Rtn. R. Jayakumar (11065600)



Rtn. P. Elzhiloan (11065607)


Electrical Engineering

Rtn. R. Thushanthan (11065804)


Civil Engineering

Rotary Club of Trincomalee